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INSTAGRAM / emilyhlavacgreen

Hello, new friend. 

I’m Emily, a photographer originally from New Zealand and now based between NY, LA, and New Zealand.
I am inspired by the simple beauty of everyday life, endlessly curious about moments big and small,
and believe my work lives at the intersection of intimacy, nostalgia, and imagination.

Brew Dr, PDN, Escape, Fitbit, Harrys, Hearst, Hipcamp, Jetstar Asia, Jucy, Kathmandu, Ladygunn, The New York Times,
Outdoor Voices, Tourism Dunedin, Reebok x Empower Through Fitness, Urbis, Wirecutter, Vogue Italia

On the move:
Italy, Albania, Greece (Aug), Utah, Colordo (Sept), Los Angeles (Oct/Nov), New Zealand (Feb/Mar)

︎︎︎ NYC
︎︎︎ LA
︎︎︎ NZ

© Emily Hlavac Green 2019