Bloom is an ongoing body of work started in 2020 that uses a language of flowers to speak about this strange unprecedented time, and the temporality of life itself.
The outside world has never been more alluring, calling from the windows, stretching it’s fingers of light inside and pulling my mind out with it. I talk to my plants, I watch the leaves unfurl. I buy myself flowers from the bodega just to watch them die because their decay maps time in a way that the days of the week no longer do.
By nature, flowers are ephemeral, radical expressions of life, blooming then dying.

Limited Edition Prints

Each work is printed on Enhanced Matte Epson paper with archival inks. 

Frames are hand-made of custom cut solid ash wood with premium finishes including acid-free materials and acrylic with UV protection. Pieces are shipped ready to hang.

Artwork is shipped nationally within the US. and the price includes shipping fees. Artwork will be shipped within 2-3 weeks of purchase, unless otherwise noted.

To purchase, inquire about different artworks or sizes email

Analog C-Type darkroom handprints of select film images are also available on request. 


up to 24” x 32”        $700
up to 18” x 24”        $600
up to 15” x 20”        $500

up to 32” x 32”        $800
up to 25” x 25”        $650
up to 18” x 18”         $500

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